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You get out of bed every day to change lives in a world of unlimited need, scarce resources and growing expectations. We get out of bed every day to help nonprofits serve more people with every hour, program and dollar. Serving more than 180,000 users in 18,000 organizations over the course of 15+ years, we believe powerful yet easy-to-use web-based software should be within everyone’s reach—empowering directors, staff and stakeholders to track what matters, collaborate with ease and prove every impact.


Nonprofits have unique technological needs: In 1999, former social service provider, nonprofit executive director, and United Way Vice President, Kathryn Engelhardt-Cronk, had a vision regarding how to meet those needs. Sensing the importance of comprehensive, centralized client and funder data collection along with the imperative to provide dynamic outcomes and reporting, Kathryn started CTK. Growing from the Austin headquarters to offices in Los Angeles and in the U.K, CTK’s software solutions have been providing nonprofits the essential tools needed for success around the world.

On June 22, 2015, Social Solutions Global Inc. (SSG) and Community Techknowledge Inc. (CTK) announced an agreement under which SSG acquired CTK in a transaction approved by the board of directors of both companies.

  • CTK has been the most empowering company I have ever worked for. I am surrounded by co-workers who are driven, committed to the mission of helping non-profits, and talented in so many different ways. The team environment is positive and supportive, and I am inspired daily by the customers I work with, and I am filled with gratitude for the help that I can provide and the growth I’ve experienced since being here.


  • Starting with the driven, inventive, and resourceful CTK team and ending with highly effective non profits, the values at CTK effortlessly flow through the entire pipeline of the company and into the public domain.


  • What I like about working at CTK is that everyone wants to see our customers succeed in their chosen mission, and we work hard to make that happen.


  • Growing constantly never means sitting still.


  • To feel that hours are filled to overflowing, that you can barely steal minutes enough for sleep, that the welfare of many is entrusted to you, that the world looks on and approves, that some good is always being done for others—above all things some good for your community: that is happiness.

    Anthony Trollope - English Novelist

  • I love that what we do here is not imaginary: it has a real impact on real lives, solving real problems.


  • I’m not only a CTK staff member, I’m also a former client. Coming from the nonprofit world to the “corporate”, I think that says a lot about CTK’s values and company culture.


  • Before coming to CTK, I was half of a renaissance faire juggling act, worked as a traveling nanny for a carnival vendor, and spun fire recreationally, all of which prepared me to develop creative solutions, prevent customer fires, collaborate with diverse groups and balance multiple projects.


  • I enjoy working at CTK and supporting customers because I get to help the people who help so many other people.


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