Access California Services

Access California Services (ACS) is a culturally oriented community-based organization dedicated to empowering the under-served Arab-American and Muslim-American communities. ACS serves as an advocate for women and children, helping immigrant families make the transitions to their new lives in America.

ACS has provided quality services in the Arab-American and Muslim-American Communities in Southern California for over ten years. The Agency relies heavily on feedback and observations of its clientele to determine what programs will best support those in need. Many current staff and volunteers were initial clients of the organization, and therefore have firsthand experience with the needs of these Communities.

ACS is a fairly recent user of Apricot software. In choosing Apricot, ACS graduated from tracking data in Excel spreadsheets. ACS is planning to utilize Apricot to better collect data on client and program activities at point of service and in reporting on impact and outcomes to improve service provision and increase funding.

Many of the immigrants and refugees have endured violence, loss of their homes, relocation more than once, and other serious difficulties. ACS case management and mental health services are critical to their clients.  Apricot Software has everything that organizations need in a case management database: duplicate check at intake, family and household linking, appointment scheduling, release forms, service referrals, goal planning and implementation, and program enrollment. With progress evaluation and outcomes reporting included, grant requirements can be easily met to ensure funding.

Apricot case management database also provides the highest level of data security. Form and record level security access permissions ensure that all staff and volunteers see only necessary client data, so you can rest easy that your agency is in compliance with state and federal regulations. This security is especially important when storing sensitive refugee information.

Social Solutions is proud to be serving ACS in its important work supporting Arab-American and Muslim-American communities.

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