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Outcomes Achievement™ Software for Any Non-Profit

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Non-Profit Software
For Any Size Organization

Apricot is the most affordable and flexible non-profit software solution, including client, donor and volunteer tracking and outcomes management - an all-in-one solution, proving your Outcomes Achievement™ to increase community impact and funding.

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Secure Your Non-Profit Database with a HIPAA Compliant Solution

Apricot adheres to HIPAA data storage and transfer security standards as well as Safe Harbor protection rules. The data between your computer and our servers are secured with 256bit SSL encryption, and your entire non-profit database is backed up in three separate physical locations. With Apricot, you can be sure that your online data is secure.
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Prove Impact with CTK Outcomes Achievement™

Apricot customers know that the outcomes software they use to prove community impact makes the difference in receiving crucial funding. Apricot provides the solution that allows any nonprofit to achieve more and prove more than they ever thought possible – all while paying much less. CTK's outcomes resource consulting and training will help you identify your technical, operational and outcomes-based objectives, configure your system to meet those objectives, and set up reports so you and your staff get the most out of your investment in Apricot.


Non-Profit Reporting For Clients, Donors and Volunteers

Apricot non-profit reporting tools help you track your clients, donors and volunteers so you can make informed decisions about future programming and resource allocation. These reports are set up according to your unique needs and goals, so that you can prove the impact of program success to your funders. Apricot is the best and most efficient technology-based reporting tool set, at the lowest price, with versatile and affordable service levels to fit your needs.


Priced to Fit

Purchase licenses for the number of users you need and select service levels that fit your requirements and your budget. Apricot is the first non-profit software solution providing robust client and service tracking at a price affordable by any size non-profit.

Apricot is amazingly affordable for any size nonprofit or collaborative...

Today's case management and outcomes software is faster, smarter, more accessible and much less expensive for nonprofits. Apricot pricing is based on the number of users and starts at $845 for implementation and $150 a month. Whether you are a small or large organization, we guarantee Apricot is the right solution at the right price.

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Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

"We are coming up on the end of our second full year of implementation of Apricot. The on-line database management has made an incredible difference in the collection of data for our Attendance Task Force. The evaluator has easy access to real time data whereas in the past it would take a couple of months to get data. The previous system was not on-line and reports consisted of multiple cumbersome spreadsheets that had to be taped together to get the entire report. Our long range plans are to incorporate other services and programs so that we can begin to measure saturation and duration of interventions and prevention."

- President, Georgia Public Health Association
Spalding County Collaborative Authority


"[The Apricot] set-up has run very well and we have received great support from CTK. The software customization is intuitive and very user-friendly for our small, unique organization. We're a non-profit that provides housing and services to women in transition. We provide many services, unique to each individual woman, and so tracking them is important, but finding a database to suit our specific needs was challenging. Apricot is an affordable and great-fitting solution for our organization!"

-Cheryl Steeves, Sarah's Oasis


"I really appreciate that the [Apricot] system is easy to set up, is customizable, and once you get the hang of it, report writing is user friendly. This is important in the ever changing world of non-profit organizations and fluid funding agencies and their reporting requirements! When we expanded our program this year, as well as the number of funders, we were able to modify our forms and our reports to meet the needs of our clients and our funders. Thank you!"

-Kathleen McInnis, RN
MS San Juan Basin Health Department