Capital IDEA

Connecting the Underemployed with Employers Seeking Skilled Workers

Capital IDEA lifts working families out of poverty by sponsoring educational services that lead to life-long financial stability. They serve the community by acting as a bridge, connecting committed yet underemployed, people to employers in need of highly skilled workers. Created through the efforts of Austin Interfaith and the Central Texas business community, Capital IDEA funds qualified participants' tuition, books and childcare and works with them to find employment with good salaries, benefits and opportunity for career growth.

An efficient, secure, and centralized database is essential to the delivery of this array of services, and Capital Idea has been a user of Apricot Software since 2006. Capital IDEA works with workforce partners to identify new career-driven curricula needed to properly educate the next generation of workers. Proving outcomes ensures the funding needed to maintain and create partnerships with employers and trainers.

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