Central Oklahoma Healthy Start

Central Oklahoma Healthy Start

The Central Oklahoma Workforce Investment Board (COWIB) is the governing body of the Central Oklahoma Workforce Investment Area. It is comprised of four counties in Oklahoma-Canadian, Cleveland, Logan and Oklahoma and includes the City of Oklahoma City. The principal office is located in Oklahoma City.

COWIB has 40 plus volunteer members, the majority of which are leaders from the business community in Central Oklahoma. They recognize the need to align and leverage limited resources to make the workforce system more demand-driven and efficient. To that end, the COWIB has made as one of its priorities to be recognized as the entity that brings all parties involved in education, employment, and economic development to the table to ensure all are focused on meeting the workforce demands of the local economy.

COWIB is using Apricot Software™ to collect and report data that will strengthen collaboration among all COWIB leaders and provide them with the information they need to make informed decisions about the needs of their community.  Their requirements to develop the board’s capacity and enhance participation will be met with Apricot Software.

The Board is working with a variety of education, economic development, and employment agencies in establishing a system that will create a highly skilled, productive workforce in Central Oklahoma.

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