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Online Grants Management System for Foundations and United Ways

As a foundation or United Way, your goal is to enrich your community and to prove community impact. Access impact measurement tool sets via the #1 foundation software and United Way software solution. CTK's online grants management system ensures that you can empower your funded organizations by making it easy to collect and report on community impact.

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Safe and Secure

The CI-ODM combines HIPAA and Safe Harbor compliance, design tools that support any type of data collection, reporting, and outcomes database tools that can take your organization to the next level. Designed by grants management professionals for grants management professionals.

Volunteer Tracking Software

The utilization and support of volunteers throughout the grants management process is supported with the CI Online Data Manager's volunteer tracking software module. See why these products are ranked  #1 by United Way organizations and foundations

Make a Difference with CTK Foundation Software

Foundations strive to assist their funded projects and non-profits to prove they make a difference. CI-ODM foundation software provides all the easy-to-use data collection and reporting tools your foundation and your projects need.

Measure Impact With United Way Software

United Way has changed the way non-profits do their work by supporting a community impact model of service delivery. Outcomes management and impact reporting are a standard component to the CI-ODM United Way software system.

Increase Funding

Prove to funders that they receive the maximum return for their funding investment in your programs

Report Your Success

Deliver accurate, timely, data-related performance and specialized Outcome Achievement success stories

Easy-to-Use, Flexible Tools

Increase efficiency and reduce operations cost with unlimited seats for staff, volunteers and community members at one monthly flat fee

Exceptional Support

Receive lifetime, personal ODM training, service and support when CTK is your partner for mission success

  • Web Based

    Increase capacity, efficiency, communication and collaboration.

  • Affordable

    Maximize best practices and satisfy funders while reducing costs.

  • Help and Support

    Supported by world-class CTK support service, tools and training.

  • Safe and Secure

    HIPAA and Safe Harbor compliant, CTK is your guaranteed, 24/7 IT department.