CLUES is a nationally recognized nonprofit that provides mental health, chemical health, aging-well, family services, economic advancement, and community health worker services – all setting the standard for best practices in social work. CLUES is nationally recognized in family-centric social work service provision and in proving impact and outcome attainment.

CLUES Using CTK Software Since 2002

CLUES CTK software ensures that CLUES accesses state- of-the-art technology tools, supporting their service provision and consumer goal attainment. CLUES has grown from a $2 MM to a $10 MM Nonprofit Organization by proving community impact

CLUES and CTK Outcomes Achievement Tools

CLUES publishes an Annual Outcomes Report that tells the story of its success in all its service areas. This Annual Outcomes Report provides critical community impact information to funders, policy makers and stakeholders. In recognition of CLUES impact on the community, in 2011 CLUES was the Recipient of a Social Innovation Fund Grant from the Twin Cities Local Initiatives Support Corporation. This important grant will allow CLUES to enhance its economic advancement services and to help more low- and moderate-income families build their assets, increase self-sufficiency, and improve their quality of life.

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