DARTS is a community-based nonprofit that connects people to services and partnerships that improve quality of life for seniors, helping them age well and enabling them to engage in their community. DARTS utilizes Apricot Software to support all their services and has done so since 2002. Web-based software is critical in supporting DARTS community services through 100% secure access to the database via any internet connection.

As a community leader in aging and care giving, DARTS partners with others to respond to community needs and interests including the subsidiary DARTS Vehicle Maintenance Service, a separate website for family caregivers and River Bluffs Village, a suburban independent living model patterned after Beacon Hill Village in Boston. Sharing case management and human services data via Apricot Software has provided the opportunity for DARTS to maximize collaborative opportunities.

DARTS uses Apricot Software to provide referrals and make appointments, share records and link volunteers with seniors in need, and connect professional service coordinators with aging adults for the right solution at the right time. The DARTS staff acts as personal advisors on aging and care giving; they recommend resources and services and help plan for future needs. All these activities and services are recorded in their Apricot web-based database to ensure that DARTS can prove its community impact to multiple funders.

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