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Hosted Online Grants Management System

Apricot for Funders is hosted entirely online and is accessible via any web browser.  All your grants data is stored on our servers - there is no need to purchase any hardware, and Social Solutions is responsible for all software updates and data back-ups. Your staff, volunteers and applicants can access the system from any internet connection. Apricot for Funders grants management software easily supports online data collection, including online applications, review processes, and online progress reports.

  • Prior to using Apricot for our funded agencies to input their outcomes and applications, we used to make 120 binders with copies of each agency’s paperwork...

    Liz Chase, Community Investment Secretary - United Way of Southeastern Connecticut

  • We found Apricot when were in need of a very quick build-up of a grants management system that would be able to be able to accommodate our work in Europe and the US...

    Shorey Myers, Program Associate - Jenifer Altman Foundation

  • We use Apricot to enable our external multi-family housing development partners to submit applications for funding to us...

    David Hebert, Managing Director of I.T. - New Hampshire Housing

  • This online database system has made our grant allocation run so much more efficiently it is unbelievable. We have had nothing but positive feedback from both our agencies and volunteers.

    Paula Gojmerac - United Way of the Laurel Highlands

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Streamline the Process with Grant Application Software

Apricot's customizable and completely flexible online grant proposals considerably streamline operations by reducing the need to manage paper proposals, enter data, and follow up on missing information. Apricot for Funders grant application software collects multi-stage application information from prospective grantees and allowing grantees to upload files including complex budget forms, a portfolio of work, audits, etc. Automatic email notifications to staff, volunteers and applicants (at any appropriate stage of the process) decrease administrative interface time and resources.

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Application Review

Apricot's online grants management system can help manage the process of reviewing applications and deciding what to fund. From checklists for applicants, to reviews of application content and onsite or remote evaluations, Apricot makes it easy to track each step of the process and coordinate application review, scheduling, notifications, scoring and documentation - all by multiple participants.

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