Houston Area Urban League

The Houston Area Urban League (HAUL) chose Apricot Software in 2009, after reviewing several other applications. Apricot was chosen because of its user friendly interface, the ability to customize forms for data collection, and the affordable pricing structure. The platform also allowed HAUL to accept online applications for its program services. There was no cost analysis of data collection prior to using Apricot.

The HAUL performance management system built using Apricot's technology enabled the agency to develop an outcomes configuration management plan that has provided better tracking and reporting of outcomes for clients as well as aggregate outcomes. The aggregate outcomes reporting helps HAUL to fulfill their funders’ requisite for a return on their investment evidenced through the benefits of the services received by the clients. The guiding principles of the Outcomes Management Plan are as follows:

  • Client’s changes gained are clearly defined
  • Ensure the model’s ongoing assessment for course corrections and enhancements
  • Ensure stability and produce predictable results
  • Provide the operational support and maintenance of a process characterized with outcomes that can be measured, analyzed, enhanced and controlled

The Houston Area Urban League’s Outcome Management Plan was reviewed and received approval from the United Way of Greater Houston as one of its agencies providing multiple services with outcomes reporting.

From case study by Jerry Bluitt, former Director of Program Management & Planning
Houston Area Urban League (HAUL)


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