Lutheran Family and Children's Services of Missouri

We started using Apricot Software in 2004, and I had a dual role of Quality Improvement and Database Manager. We started with our strongest case management programs and spent the next two years or so using trial and error to determine the best strategies for getting data in and pulling reports out. By 2006, we had all of our Child Welfare services integrated into Apricot and were making strides with our Counseling program.

Today, Child Welfare and Counseling rely heavily on Apricot for data entry and reporting. We are able to get approximately 75% of our reports from Apricot, but we are working toward 100%. Over the next year, we will have additional programs using Apricot Software, including Emergency Assistance, Group Mentoring, and a new program – School Counseling. While some staff continue to have more of a “social work” mentality (leaving them resistant to technology), our leadership is seeing the value of it more and more and feel more confident with our reports as time goes on. Apricot Software has successfully supported our case management work across our key programs.

Rena Barton Gotto, M.A., Database Manager

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