New Hampshire Housing Authority

New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority's mission is to promote, finance and support affordable housing opportunities and related services for New Hampshire families and individuals through the efficient use of resources and the building of effective partnerships, thereby contributing to the economic and social development of the State and its communities. The Authority administers a broad range of programs designed to assist low- and moderate-income persons and families with obtaining decent, safe and affordable housing.

Their Problem

One of the key programs New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority administers is various Low Income Housing Tax Credit and Tax Exempt Bond Financing Application grant rounds for low-income housing in New Hampshire. They identified that their current process of accepting and reviewing the funding applications from developers was very inefficient, time consuming and cumbersome on both ends. It involved e-mails and/or paper mail spreadsheets, site plans, pictures, certifications and other documents received by NH Housing staff. It required manual assimilation, copying and distributing to staff for internal scoring and reviews.  At the end of each funding round, the paper files were scanned into electronic documents once projects were approved for ongoing historical reference, creating more manual effort.

The Solution

With Apricot Software they found the solution they were looking for - an online collaborative web portal where developers can submit their applications and all of their exhibit and documents electronically. Staff can review and score the applications online and all of the applications and supporting documents are stored in one secure database. It is a system the developers find intuitive and easy to use. It is also a system that their internal staff find efficient, time saving, productive and pleasing to use.

At the same time, their Apricot system can be used to support other property/project management processes in a collaborative fashion through their secure web portal.

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