Refugee Action

Refugee Action is an independent national charity that provides advice and support to asylum seekers and refugees in the UK. The social services provided by Refugee Action assist refugees in building new lives. Since 2005, Refugee Action has been using highly secure Apricot Software to store and access confidential intake, service, and referral records and outcome reports for hundreds of refuges and their families.

Coordinated Social Services Provision Makes the Difference

Refugee Action has over 28 years of experience in the reception, resettlement, development and integration of asylum seekers and refugees.  Prior to choosing Apricot social services software, Refugee Action was utilizing several slow silo-ed, server-based software programs that required duplicate data entry and prohibited smooth collaboration between programs and services. By providing all our software via the Internet, Refugee Action could move to a highly secure, collaborative software system without the need to invest in additional and expensive software, hardware or IT staff. A big plus for Refugee Action was the fact that Apricot Software offers 24/7 support, continuous backup, guaranteed security in both data transfer and storage, and 100% disaster recovery.

Refugee Action Provides Advocacy and Community Education

Refugee Action is committed to raising awareness, influencing policy, and campaigning for refugee rights. It is critical for Refugee Action to use Apricot technology to quickly, easily and accurately create community education program enrollment forms, book public speaking engagements, create program reports and update rosters.

Refugee Action Coordinates Multiple Social Services Programs

Refugee Action relies on Apricot Software to track and report on critical social services provided to newcomers to the UK. Apricot Software is designed to support an endless number of services and programs and outcome reporting on an individual, family, household or aggregate basis. Some key social services provided by Refugee Action include:

• High quality reception

• Advice and information

• Development of refugee communities

• Access to employment and mainstream services

• Voluntary return advice

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