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Scholarship Application Software for Foundations & United Ways

Apricot's online scholarship management system makes managing scholarship application submissions easy. Students login and fill out their information electronically, so your staff can focus on your mission. Measure the impact of your scholarships with just the click of a button.

Many organizations offer scholarships to students in a variety of interest areas. Thanks to Apricot's scholarship management system, organizations can simplify their scholarship process to more effectively address the mission. With Apricot, students can review the scholarships you offer and apply for the scholarships that most align with their interests. Then, staff can review and score student applications. Finally, scholarship recipients can easily report their progress back to the organization. This can all be accomplished online in a safe and secure, HIPAA-compliant environment. At any step in the process, staff can create ad hoc reports of their scholarships and results.

Web-Based Scholarship Management Software Solutions

Social Solutions is proud to offer the most affordable grant and scholarship management software, so that your funds can go to the people that need them most. We partner with United Ways and foundations to make applying for grants and scholarships easy, streamlined, and straightforward.

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