Westmoreland County Food Bank

Located in a 40,000 square foot facility in Delmont, PA, the Westmoreland County Food Bank supplies food to hungry people through a network of food assistance programs. Of each dollar donated to WCFB, $.97 goes to food and food programs, serving over 7,000 disadvantaged families each month throughout Westmoreland County.

Hunger and food insecurity are serious problems in Westmoreland County. For the 18,000 people who need charitable food assistance each month in the county, hunger shows no bias: 34% are children; 13% are seniors; 53% are the working poor or disabled. By acquiring food through local donations and through government food assistance programs, WCFB is able to serve the community in many important ways.

People make the difference, but they have help through Apricot's food bank software. Families served, goals achieved, volunteer management and food bank outcomes reporting are all tracked in the WCFB food bank database.

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