YWCA of St. Paul

YWCA of St. Paul is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. Collaborating with a broad east metro referral network, YWCA St. Paul anchors the Summit-University community and reaches out to neighbors in greater St. Paul. Last year, YWCA of St. Paul programs and services in Housing & Supportive Services, Youth Development, Health & Wellness and Skills for Life & Work empowered more than 5,770 people to reach their goals and improve their quality of life. YWCA has used outcome-based evaluation to monitor social service program operations, measure program impact, and expedite reporting since 1997.

In light of the increasing importance of real time information, heightened expectations for evaluative information, and the need for a system with program management capabilities, YWCA moved its evaluation system from its decade-old MS Access database to Apricot Software through a grant from United Way’s Technology Capacity Building Program.

In addition to capturing participant, outcome and client satisfaction data, Apricot Software also captures data on services provided to participants including case management notes and referrals to other service providers as well as program management data such as attendance, participation in activities, special achievements, parent involvement, etc. Apricot has heightened program efficiency and efficacy through more timely access to participant data, more comprehensive reports and automated program management functions.

With the software’s capability to design new forms and reports in house, YWCA is able to respond to specific evaluation requirements, outcomes and reporting needs of different funders allowing the agency to create projects, initiatives, collaborations which run parallel to its core program offerings. Once funding is secured, we are able to easily capture demographic/outcomes information translating to increase in numbers served.

Utilization of Apricot Software is one more way that YWCA of St. Paul is committed to excellence in service provision, in proving results and in creating change in the lives of their consumers!

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